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Simplify and fasttrack your sourcing process to 2-4 weeks upon availability in our developer pool.


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Competitive pricing with fringe benefits, office and equipment costs covered in the codecombinator hubs.

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Flexible contract framework. From project-based to permanent contract period.

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codecombinator unique offer - one provider, global hubs

How codecombinator works

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We help gathering the core needs for your tech talent.

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Choose candidates from a list of selected pre-qualified tech talents.

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This is the possible framework:


🚀 English speaking remote tech talent on an all-in rate (no hidden costs)

🚀 Long term relationships - 12* months of dedicated full-time Developers, Product Managers, Project Managers and Designers

When we have a fit with the above - Please help us with further details about your needs and we will be in touch in no time.

Thank you!

*Any engagement below 12 months can only be deployed out of the existing pool of employed Developers.

Results that speak for themselves



“This team delivers above and beyond. We have been working with their developers and designers for over 7 years and are highly enjoying their friendly, timely and professional approach to everything that comes our way. They know how to deliver at scale while keeping a keen eye on time and detail. The team has proven to be very open and flexible matching the needs of our clients from all over the world. I highly recommend them!”


Aldo de Pape, CEO, Founder of TeachPitch


OTP Bank


‘’I would like to reaffirm the long-standing cooperation between Banka OTP Albania and the team around codecombinator. In my role as the bank’s Marketing Manager, I have had the pleasure of
sharing the successes of the projects we have implemented together. They successfully implemented the new website and related developments in 2018 and 2019 for the benefit of the bank. During the
pandemic, their team played an important role as a partner and facilitated all website updates
regardless of the day or time. We highly recommend them as a trusted and professional partner for your computer, software and development services.’’


Jonila Janku, Marketing Department Manager of OTP Bank

Credins Bank


“I have the pleasure to express my satisfaction for the fruitful collaborations between Credins Bank and the team around codecombinator. We have been working with their developers and designers for a long time now where they have provided website and app development for the bank. Referring
to the above services we recommend the team as a professional supplier for the development of
websites, web portals and mobile applications.”


Valbona Guri, Head of Marketing Department of Credins Bank

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