The Role of AI in a Tech Company

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AI as the driving force of innovation in tech


Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a game changer across a range of industries, and tech companies are no exception. With its ability to automate manual processes, extract insights from vast amounts of data and optimize decision-making, AI has the potential to help tech companies reach new heights of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Companies that take full advantage of AI can expect significant improvements in key performance metrics such as revenue growth, cost reduction and customer retention now and in the years to come. 


Late to the party?


According to a 2019’ survey conducted by gartner 37 percent of organizations, not only tech, around the globe already have implemented AI in some form. Thus the rate of employed AI tech talent rose by 270% over the last years.


And it’s growing rapidly till 2025 like the forecast of statista tells while generating a ton of revenue.


What is AI?


If you want to be exact, AI is mathematics. Quite a lot of mathematics indeed.

Every AI task and operation is based on vast amounts of mathematical calculations which simulate human thinking and could be trained to solve specific problems. 


Tech Aspect of AI


Many data science operations – such as data modeling and machine learning algorithms – are based on statistics, algebra and complex vector mathematics. Deep-learning AI for example requires aabundance of matrix multiplications. 

AI works by processing large amounts of labeled data, discovering correlations and patterns, and using these insights to make predictions.

For example, chatbots (we come back to that later) can learn to mimic human conversation through analysis of text chats, and image recognition software can identify objects in images by analyzing millions of examples.

The development of AI requires expertise in three key areas: learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

The learning component of AI programming focuses on obtaining data and establishing rules for converting that data into useful information. These rules, known as algorithms, give computing devices a set of instructions for completing a task.

Reasoning in AI programming involves selecting the appropriate algorithm to achieve a desired result.

Self-correction in AI programming aims to continuously improve algorithms and maintain the highest level of accuracy.

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AI in software development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in software development, with companies such as Netflix, Spotify and YouTube utilizing it to enhance customer experiences and improve their service. The incorporation of AI in software development is on the rise and is predicted to play a crucial role in the future of the industry. 

In the following article, we show how and in which areas AI is already supporting companies in the tech industry today.

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What could be the main areas of AI application in a tech company?


Automation: Reducing simple and repetitive tasks with Deep Learning


Workflow automation is key and AI is helping tech companies with that; In fact, 86% of CEOs note that AI is a mainstay in their offices, and it’s not in the form of robots and complex machinery, but instead software to run their day-to-day operations.

Thanks to automation, employees are freed from repetitive tasks. Teams no longer spend countless hours on repetitive tasks. Valuable resource time is now available to focus on higher prioritized tasks. Another plus: AI automation is more accurate and ensures that relevant information is not lost. This leads to increased employee satisfaction including improved processes.

Reducing manual data entry or reducing possible research times are therefore examples for the way of use of AI in the tech day-to-day life. Some say AI will permanently change the traditional way we research data.

Thanks to AI, we are now able to make decisions much faster and more accurately than ever before. 

Examples for deep learning software from open ai are:


Boosting the User experience with AI chatbots

In order for a software to be effective, it must provide a means for users to communicate their queries and receive solutions. One such means is an AI-powered platform, specifically AI chatbots, which can respond to queries instantly and provide a superior user experience. Many customer service websites utilize AI chatbots to assist customers. Additionally, AI-based voice assistants, like Alexa, which is widely used in private use, are also widely used for various tasks and activities at the user’s verbal command.


AI can also be used in sentiment analysis to understand user feedback and help developers create updates to improve user experience. Sentiment analysis can be performed using natural language processing, which can provide valuable insights from user feedback.


Increase the speed of your tech company’s development department


Deep learning can also improve the process of development or writing code. The integration of advanced AI techniques such as Machine Learning and deep learning can greatly streamline software testing processes for tech companies. By utilizing AI, manual testing by quality assurance analysts can be eliminated as the software will be automatically tested at every stage. This approach is for example popular in the fintech industry, where companies are implementing AI-powered trading bots to automate the management of their financial portfolios.

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Improve security and privacy

The power of deep learning models in AI technology is that they are able to classify and identify almost any object in an image. This capability can significantly improve security by allowing access only to identified and verified individuals, while preserving user privacy by providing different levels of access defined by the administrator. This approach lends itself when AI is used to protect customer data.


Higher Error Elimination

AI technology can help detect and fix errors without requiring human intervention, which ultimately lowers maintenance costs for tech companies. AI can use reinforcement learning methods that involve the use of rewards and punishments to address errors. Through this process, the AI system can learn from the data and adapt to avoid similar errors in the future. This approach ensures that once a bug is dealt with, it is effectively and permanently eliminated.


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Decision Making and Time Estimation

Among the capabilities of AI technology is the ability to make decisions based on established constraints and criteria. Various regression models trained on previous project schedules and cost estimates can help predict estimated timelines and costs for current projects. Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms can also provide advanced services to developers.


Additionally surveys can be conducted to determine user needs and preferences, and machine learning algorithms can analyze the data to determine the optimal region and timing for deployment.


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This is just a brief overview of the current state of AI in the everyday business of tech companies. 

Running a successful tech project or even AI project requires a team of highly skilled professionals, including Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Product Managers and Designers. In our experience, this is precisely what many tech companies have problems with. Finding good personnel in the IT/AI sector is not easy. At codecombinator, the Tech Talent as a Service Provider, we offer a solution to this shortage by providing companies with the experts they need to make their software projects a reality through our global network of Tech Talent Hubs. Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions.


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