Hiring C++ Developers | Things to consider in 2023

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Throughout our time in the industry, every now and then we have encountered clients who have had slight difficulties in the hiring process. We have learned a few things and we want to share them combined in this blog post on what to look for when hiring C++ developers.


Let’s take a closer look!

What is C++?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that enables the development of efficient applications across different platforms. Object-oriented languages have the main focus on objects and manipulation of code around the said objects.

With C++, programmers have significant control over system resources and memory management. 

The language underwent major updates over the years, resulting in the releases of C++11, C++14, C++17, and C++20, respectively.

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Why use C++ in the first place

C++ ranks among the most widely used programming languages globally, and it finds application in various domains, including operating systems, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), and embedded systems. With its object-oriented approach, C++ provides a structured programming paradigm, facilitating code reuse and reducing development expenses. Furthermore, C++ offers portability, enabling the creation of adaptable applications across multiple platforms. Its close relation to C, C#, and Java also simplifies the transition for programmers between C++ and these languages.

TL;DR: Need to work on an operating system, embedded system or create a GUI? You might need a C++ developer.

Source: w3schools.com

C++ use cases

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most frequent use cases for C++.

Game Developing

C++ has a close connection to hardware, allowing efficient resource manipulation and facilitating procedural programming for CPU-intensive tasks. Its speed and ability to handle the Fine details of 3D games and support multilayer networking make it an ideal choice for developing gaming systems and game development suites.


Operating Systems

C++’s strong typing and high speed make it well-suited for developing operating systems. Moreover, C++ offers an extensive range of system-level functions that are valuable for writing low-level programs.


Microsoft Windows OS

Microsoft has a history utilizing C++ (specifically Visual C++ variations) for developing a majority of their software. Notable examples included Windows 95, ME, 98, XP, as well as software such as Visual Studio, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office.


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C++ finds application in the development of web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Various applications, such as file systems and large cluster data processing using map-reduce, are also written in C++. Mozilla utilizes it for their email client, Mozilla Thunderbird. Additionally, C++ serves as a rendering engine for Google and Mozilla’s open-source projects.



C++ is used for developing various applications, particularly those with graphic user interfaces. Prominent examples include popular applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, and Image Ready. 


Embedded Systems

C++ is commonly implemented in programming embedded systems such as smartwatches and medical equipment systems. Its close proximity to the hardware allows for extensive utilization of low-level function calls, distinguishing it from other high-level programming languages.


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What to consider when hiring a C++ developer


Skills and experience 


A C++ Developer is expected to possess the following fundamental skills:


  • Proficiency in C++ libraries, algorithms, and containers
  • Understanding of quality and performance metrics
  • Knowledge of memory management, dynamic polymorphism, and C++ templates
  • Familiarity with C++ standards, real-time environments, low-level primitives, and library functions


C++ coders should possess experience in the following areas:


  • The C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP), operating systems, programming environments, databases, compilers, and other related fields provide additional advantages
  • Understanding of pointer arithmetic and awareness of what constitutes undefined behavior
  • Proficiency in debugging tools like Address/Memory/UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer, Valgrind, debuggers (e.g., GDB), and static code analysis tools
  • Familiarity with C tools and libraries such as Boost and Qt
  • Exposure to enterprise, commercial, and open-source projects


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Personal Skills


Effective Communication

Clear and concise communication is crucial when interacting with the team, clients, and stakeholders to ensure effective message delivery.


Problem-solving Abilities

Being skilled in troubleshooting is essential for programmers. The ability to independently seek solutions, including utilizing resources like Stack Overflow, is valuable.



Successful collaboration with the team plays a vital role in delivering high-quality work and achieving shared goals.


Attention to Detail

Carefully identifying and fixing bugs while ensuring clean and well-documented code is essential.


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Relevant Interview questions

When conducting interviews for C++ developers, you may find the following six questions helpful:


  1. How would you explain the differences between C and C++?
  2. What are virtual functions, and could you provide an example of their usage?
  3. Can you describe the distinctions between references and pointers in C++?
  4. Could you explain what VTABLE and VPTR refer to in the context of C++?
  5. What does the inline keyword do?
  6. Is there a disparity between class and struct in C++?

Average C++ Developer Salary 

The average salary for a C++ developer in the United States according to indeed.com is $116,195 per year. 1k salaries were reported. It was updated on June 25, 2023.

Image: average salary of a C++ developer in the US

These numbers depend on the different skill levels of C++ developers. Considering this, it is crucial to identify the specific skill level required for your project when hiring C++ developers. 


To gain further insights into the different skill levels of developers, you can find additional information available here.


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Where to get a professional C++ Developer


Matchmaking Service 


A matchmaking service company like codecombinator offers a two-level matchmaking process, ensuring alignment of the tech stack of your product at the hub level and on the tech talent level. Our approach allows your tech talent to work collaboratively in a hub environment, enabling seamless collaboration with your embedded team and other peers at the hub level. 


  • Two-level matchmaking: on the hub and talent level to get only the most suitable developer talent
  • Flat fee: fringe benefits, office and equipment costs are covered at the hubs
  • Global talent pool: benefit from our worldwide network of developer hubs


Additionally, our pricing is significantly lower, charging up to 40% less than equivalent domestic talent.




You could choose a developer agency. Developer-on-demand agencies typically maintain their own database of highly skilled candidates. This enables you to access multiple professionals simultaneously, making it easier to find the right fit for your needs. This approach allows for swift candidate selection.


But it can be challenging to identify high-quality providers and gain a good enough overview. Often, the alignment of the tech stack is unclear from the start. If you require specialists who can build a backend component in a specific language with an analytics featureset, finding a suitable provider becomes a difficult task. Without knowing where to look, it becomes nearly impossible to find the right fit for your requirements.


Freelancer marketplaces


If you use the respective marketplace, you have a decent chance of finding quality services. However, it’s important to be aware that freelancers often move on to more lucrative projects once they join your team. Onboarding new freelancers takes a lot of time and money, which ultimately affects average output. Moreover, this option tends to be costly, as these platforms usually add up to 40% to the freelancer’s already high profit margin.


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Hiring Guides for the top programming languages

We also have hiring guides for different programming languages, maybe the one you are looking for as well can be found here.


Do you have any other questions about our service? Please see our FAQ to get a quick answer. 



No matter in which area you want to employ a C++ developer, make yourself clear beforehand what is important to you in particular with the talent. Furthermore, it is important to determine the way in which you source your professional. Today there are many ways to acquire tech talent. In times of skills shortages and more, new opportunities for collaboration are emerging, such as matchmaking services.


We hope we could shed some light on what to consider when hiring C++ developers with this guide. 


Team codecombinator


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