How to hire tech talent in 2023 | A brief guide

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In todays business environment, the key to success is assembling the right team of talent. Hiring the ideal tech experts can make or break your company’s performance. Quality is key, and smaller, well-rounded teams can outperform larger teams. So how can you ensure you’re hiring the right tech talent? This article serves as a guide, outlining the essential steps and considerations for a successful hiring process in 2023. From creating effective job descriptions to understanding the various sources of hiring tech talent, we’ll help you understand and navigate through the nuances of hiring tech talent.


Let’s dive in!

Why planning to hire tech talent is so important


The choice you have can break or boost your tech team performance.

Tech talent is not only building the product but supporting in every way other business units that need data or insights based on this.

Why does quality count so much? Let’s phrase it like this.

“In my experience, smaller teams just work better. The communication is more organic, more fluid. You don’t need a stand-up to know what everyone’s doing because you’re all so in sync that you just… know.” Rico Fritzsche – 25 years in DevOps and software development

→ The full blog article on his blog see here 

Getting things done with more compact teams means that you need to find a real fit in terms of the needed skill sets and the people working together, you need quality above everything.

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Let’s find out what needs to be understood to be successful.

What to prepare

Job description


  • Job title: orientate on the titles your peers are using so people will get it right away
  • Company overview: Basic parameters AND your culture
  • Job Summary: a brief description of the job is all about
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Responsibilities
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Location and Work Arrangement
  • Contact Information


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Candidate pesona

  • What to look for in a specific tech talent. Soft Skills, such as adaptability, problem solving and communication do matter to a great degree, especially in a team environment. 

 We have created an in depth overview of the most important tech and soft skills when hiring software talent, so please see our guide, if you want to elaborate further. 

Clear hiring process

Do you have a clear repeatable process in hiring that creates results without eating up all resources in the teams? If not, get in touch with us, we are happy to help.


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Being ready to scale with external manpower


Often overlooked, this topic comes back like a boomerang. Companies tend to underestimate the hassle created internally with adding external talent. Start conversations early to keep everyone in the same boat and handle fears and concerns the right way. Be prepared with tools to collaborate and grow individual talent step by step or with full teams that work with each other already for a longer period of time.



Part of the job description but very important so we need to outline this. Be sure about the quality you want and what market prices are for this. If you want quality, it doesn’t matter where people in the world are. They will charge a price that locals would get contributing a similar amount of performance. This is the global world we live in.


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Types of hiring tech talent


Outsourcing corporates


Being the most visible in the market with a long term history, there come a lot of downsides with picking an outsourcing corporation. These providers tend to be slow in finding the right talent. Additionally, sometimes you have to live with mediocre quality, as the way in finding your talent is blocked with internal guidelines and show stoppers. Next to being very expensive, the level of deep collaboration is not very high. You are one of many, the attention needed for your case will not be possible in most cases


Freelancer marketplaces


If you use the right marketplace, there is a reasonable chance to find good quality. Beware! The same speed freelancers join you, they will mostly jump on the next project with a better paying client. Onboarding the next freelancer will cost you time and money again so the average output will be affected by this. This option is very expensive as these platforms usually add up to 40% on the freelancer’s margin which usually is high already.



In a world with nearly unlimited opportunities it is hard to gain the overview over good quality providers. Mostly the tech stack alignment is not clear from the beginning. If you need specialists for building a backend component in a specific language with an analytics featureset, you should find a provider like this. It is nearly impossible to land a good fit here, if you don’t know where to look.


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the codecombinator way


  • 2 level matchmaking, align the tech stack of your product on the hub level and the role on the tech talent level
  • Having your tech talent sitting in a team together in the hub, being able to collaborate with you as an embedded team and with other peers on the hub level
  • We charge up to 40% less than comparable domestic talent


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So what we have created is quite unique. We offer a team of developers that already works together on site, which is so to say well connected among each other. In addition, you save the costs that would be incurred if you employ the developers on site. Fringe costs, benefits, office costs, these are all resources that are freed up to be invested otherwise in the success of the company.


You know what you’re looking for? See our hiring pages for picking up your tech talent.



If you are clear with what you need. With building the right structure to hire and understand the landscape of sources out there, there is a good chance you will fill your gaps in your tech team with great talent. Be sure to understand your internal homework first, before reaching out or posting job profiles that won’t attract the talent you want.


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