Staff Augmentation in the Tech Industry

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Staff augmentation as a solution for IT staff shortages?


Finding good tech talent regionally is becoming increasingly difficult today. So it’s only natural that companies look for other ways. Thereby it does not matter if it is a young talent hungry start-up or an established medium-sized company. One of these ways is the so-called staff augmentation, but what is it all about? 


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Let’s take an indepth look at the topic of staff augmentation in the tech environment. 

Because IT staff augmentation could be what you need to fill the staffing gaps in your company. Read on to find out what staff augmentation is and how it works!


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What is staff augmentation?

Staff or team augmentation is a service in which an existing software company provides its technical talent as experts at various levels of engagement depth. According to a study by grandviewresearch, this industry is needed and is therefore growing steadily.

Are there different kinds of staff augmentation?

After we answered what it is we would like to shed light on augmented teams as the collaboration with them can come in many shapes and sizes.


Full time engineer hires


A very common way of resource and staff augmentation are full time hires. Quality providers follow the existing framework of distributed teams/work in the company they embed tech talent in. At this point there should be no difference with other full time people in the tech team. Schedules can, but don’t have to align, at minimum there is a core time that people can collaborate in.


Part time engineer hires


Common are talents, working down to 50% of a full time hire continuously being added into a team. Contractually there is a possibility to ramp the working time up to 100% after a trial period. This adds an unknown in regards to availability of the talent. Sacrifices have to be made normally in this constellation as the talent provider needs to fill the rest of the working capabilities with other projects.


Time & material projects in software development

This is another way, mostly used in short term projects. Normally this is a good way of getting a feeling if working together does make sense. It is preferable that time & material contracts have a way that talent can transition into full time embedded talent. The downside is clear. The pricing can skyrocket if things are a heavier lift than planned before.


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Why staff augmentation?

Lack of resources

With shifting value creation into digital products and services there is a particular shortage with specific tech talent that you just can’t find anymore in your region of operations. This is where staff augmentation will help you to secure staff to ensure the success of your business.


Support the hiring team 

With growing needs there is a possibility to scale the internal recruiting team first to create results. Similar to internal scaling of tech talent this has a natural sweet spot where overpacing will result in unfavorable ROI. The staff augmentation process adds additional sourcing power without scaling the recruiting team to an unhealthy size.


Tech stack fit

You just raised money or made a decision to add one more team to your engineering organization. You will find it hard as specific teams with the needed tech stack  are very hard to recruit at all. To avoid mistakes and create results you want you should team up with a tech talent matchmaking provider at this point.


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Why working with a tech talent matchmaking provider for staff augmentation purposes?

The big advantage is that you rely on several levels of qualification to reach your goals of obtaining tech talent. The first level comes with picking the right hub for aligning with your tech stack. Tech talent matchmaking providers like codecombinator are working very closely with their hubs to ensure a good fit for this first step. This relates to tech stack and organizational/professional fit. If this is covered a business in need can pick from a pool of already employed developers, making the process of scaling painless. If a very specialized position is open, the pre qualified hubs can actively recruit in their area of focus and onboard/secure talent, while giving a place of belonging.


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Like outlined above there are facets in regards to the staff augmentation meaning trickling down to the level of engagement itself. In modern times, where assets like tech talent are business-critical but not necessarily available in places of operation, companies need a way to choose fitting providers that secure talent on the one side but offer a lean and painless way of working together on the other. With we provide this level of quality assurance proven in projects around the world with startups to enterprise companies.


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